Logi-Serve Chief Science Officer Selected to Present at 30th Annual SIOP Conference


Logi-Serve announced today that its Chief Science Officer, Dr. Chris Cunningham, will be a featured presenter at the 2015 Conference of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology (SIOP), to be held in Philadelphia on April 23rd.

In addition to presenting his research on a variety of topics at the 30th annual meeting of the nation’s leading industrial psychologists, Dr. Cunningham will serve on a panel of experts discussing real-world assessment and data-validation issues. The panel was selected for inclusion in the conference by the SIOP programming committee from more than a thousand submissions.

Dr. Cunningham, who joined Logi-Serve more than five years ago, also holds the role of UC Foundation Associate Professor of Industrial-Organizational and Occupational Health Psychology at The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga. In his work at Logi-Serve, Dr. Cunningham focuses on developing and refining the company’s assessment tools and methodologies. These are increasingly considered among the industry’s most reliable gauges for selecting and training employees in the areas of sales and customer service.

“We’re tremendously proud of Chris and his contributions both to Logi-Serve and the larger field of employee assessment,” said Eric Krohner, Logi-Serve CEO. “His work enables us to bring tremendous value to our growing range of clients.”

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Logi-Serve is rapidly distinguishing itself as the market’s leading innovator for companies seeking to predict customer-service ability, enhance customer experiences, increase sales and build a culture of sales and service excellence. Its patent-pending assessment tool poses questions based on story-boarded scenarios, and scores results using triangulation science. The result is the market’s most direct link to predicting and shaping business outcomes.

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