Our Partners

In our mission to redefine talent acquisition and development, we partner with an array of global human-capital management companies.

Get up and running quickly with our standalone version or leverage our existing integrations from every major ATS provider to seamlessly propel candidates through your existing hiring process.

ADP HR Solutions & Data Integration ADP Marketplace
CRM Learning Leadership & Management Training Programs
Deloitte Global Consulting Services
icims Applicant Tracking System & Recruiting Software
Jobvite Recruiting Software & Applicant Tracking System
MSX International Business Process Outsourcing
NowHire Leadership & Management Training Programs
Oracle Integrated Cloud Applications & Platform Services Gold Partner
SAP Success Factors HCM Software & Solutions for HR Professionals Silver Partner
Workday Cloud ERP Alternative for HR & Financial Management
Enterprise assessment suite

Smarter assessments that predict performance and improve outcomes

Logi-Serve’s employee assessment platform provides a comprehensive suite of tools that identity the best candidates, maximize employee performance, and improve business outcomes.

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Realistic Job Preview

Job previews that target candidates and improve your recruitment efficiency

Logi-Serve’s Realistic Job Preview enriches standard job postings with an interactive preview of open positions. It informs job seekers and collects actionable data for employers to refine their recruitment strategies.

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Logi-Serve helps companies improve critical business outcomes

Customer Testimonial
Don Weinstein Senior Vice President, Product Management ADP Many companies struggle to integrate core HCM and business applications. ADP Marketplace empowers employers to overcome that challenge so they can focus on boosting their business agility and their employees’ success.
Customer Testimonial
Pieter Van Rosmaien Global VP MSX International
 Service excellence is key to the future of the dealership business model, and Logi-Serve brings a laser-like focus to this area.
Customer Testimonial
Doug Reynolds Chief Technology Officer, DDI Innovating and developing a scalable assessment system from the ground up and staying true to the core principles of assessment science is enormously challenging. The Logi-Serve team has achieved this.
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