Amerisure Signs Multi-Year Deal with Logi-Serve


Logi-Serve announced today that Amerisure Mutual Insurance Co. has signed a multi-year license to utilize its assessment and development tool to help drive its strategy of continuing to raise service-quality levels.

Amerisure, an A-rated insurance carrier specializing in mid-sized commercial enterprises focused in construction, manufacturing and healthcare, will begin rolling out Logi-Serve to help select candidates with outstanding service skills, as well as to develop those abilities in existing staff.

Amerisure is the latest addition to a growing list of companies across the U.S. that are using Logi-Serve, including the second largest employer in the U.S, MSX International and Max Brenner International.

“Enhancing Amerisure’s customer experience and improving service qualities are key priorities for us,” said Matt Bertman, director of Organizational and Leadership Development, Amerisure. “We partnered with Logi-Serve to provide an important organizational tool to keep Amerisure ahead of our competition. This tool delivers an additional resource in continuing to offer the highest level of service to our partner agencies and policyholders.”

“Amerisure has built its business with the understanding that organizations grow and become profitable by creating a culture of service excellence,” said Eric Krohner, president and CEO, Logi-Serve. “Logi-Serve is a perfect fit to help it further this objective so that Amerisure can continue to thrive in any business environment.”

About Amerisure Insurance

Amerisure Mutual Insurance Company, a stock insurer, is a property and casualty insurance company with experience insuring American businesses since 1912. Amerisure and its affiliates target mid-sized commercial enterprises in manufacturing, construction and healthcare through strategically located Core Service Centers across the United States. For more information, visit

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