Building a Mobile Talent Acquisition Strategy that Works

Getting Ahead of the Curve: Building a Mobile Talent Acquisition Strategy that Works

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the mobile explosion has caused a quantum shift in how job candidates research and apply for jobs. Job seekers are increasingly using mobile devices to conduct their searches and this trend only continues to rise. Surprisingly, recent research shows that the majority of organizations lack the opportunity for candidates to apply on a mobile device and in some cases have placed mobile talent acquisition on the back burner. Many of these organizations fall victim to impractical assessment, subjective interviewing, or underwhelming career sites that are not user-friendly. Attracting innovative talent requires more creative and tech-savvy recruiting processes. In this webinar we’ll talk about how you can move your recruiting process to the forefront of modern recruiting strategies.

Mobile recruiting has quickly transformed from emerging technology to competitive necessity. The right mobile recruiting strategy can broaden your reach, strengthen your brand, and help you win the battle for talent.

Research by LinkedIn and Glassdoor indicates that 90% today’s job seekers are using a mobile device. However, nearly 80% of organizations admitting to being woefully unprepared, according to a recent survey on recruiting mobile-readiness.

Does your organization suffer from this unfortunate gap?

If your company is serious about upping its game for today’s talent acquisition challenges, then you’ll want to watch the latest Logi-Serve webinar:
‘Building a Mobile Talent Acquisition Strategy that Works’

Check out our webinar for the lowdown on mobile recruiting – and how to successfully apply it.

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